What’s JINEA?

JINEA was established in 2009 Sep.1 for the purpose of doing the business concerning education, upbringing of people, and creation of employment against the excellent people in overseas.
As a general corporation, JINEA do the business in accordance with ” The low concerning a general corporation or a general foundation ” which was enforced in 2008 Dec.1 as a part of 3 low concerning the reformation of public corporation system.

Outline of JINEA

Name Corporate Juridical Person Japan Inter-national Employment Association
Abbreviated name JINEA
Address 6-7 Ikezono Town, Izumiotsu City, Osaka
Director TAKADA Hisashi
Purpose We do the business concerning the education in Japan, upbringing of people, creation of employment against the excellent people of overseas. And, we also contribute to their human activity or exchange. Detail as follows;

  • Cultural exchange between Japan and Overseas, economic activity, business which is concerning the improvement of education.
  • Creation of employment for excellent people of overseas.
  • Support business for international student in Japan, Support for the trainee system of overseas people.
  • Various kind of technical expert (medical, welfare, agriculture, fishery, construction, industry). Bringing up of educator.
  • Business concerning the above mentioned.

Idea of JINEA

JINEA puts an emphasis on the spirit of humanism most and, aim to contribute to the international society throughout international exchange. We think that by giving an opportunity to Asian talented young people to work at Japanese enterprise, hospital, corporation, we can take the first step as a global people.

Today, the laborer from overseas has been increasing. But, those people are treated as a just workforce and, that means we don’t do international exchange properly. So, as a Corporate Juridical Person, JINEA will help those people understand not only technical skills related to the work, but also Japanese or Japanese culture. And, we hope we become the international organization leading Japanese society someday.
JINEA is based on corporate-citizenship. We are convinced JINEA will be the newest tool in our international communication.

Tell me about the rest of your dream. JINEA aim to the exchange of global people. Let’s go with us!!

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